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Best Amazon Finds for Dog Parents

Hi, fellow dog parent! If you’re like me, you want your furbabies to have the best of everything. You’ve definitely gone through your fair share of toys, dog beds, treats, and money to make them happy. Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds for dog parents that will make your life easier and your doggo’s tail wag.

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Elevated Dog Bed for Outside

One of my hands-down, best purchases ever for my dogs was the Coolaroo elevated dog bed. I even ordered two.

happy dog lies outside on a comfy raised cot

The beds are durable and comfortable. Mine have been sitting outside for over four years in all of the elements. I haven’t even had to get the Coolaroo replacement cover yet.

We live in the south, and my bully doesn’t handle the heat well. With the Coolaroo, he will spend hours lazing outside in the shade on his Coolaroo. He’ll chill on the cot instead of in the dirt or on wet grass, keeping my couches and bed cleaner.

Gravity Auto-Refilling Dog Water Bowl

Being thirsty is not something I want my dogs to feel.

That’s why I love this auto-refilling dog water bowl. They can drink as much or as little water as they want. I get peace of mind and I know I am keeping them hydrated.

puggle drinks out of a gravity auto-refilling water dish

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

puggle eats out of slow feeding dog bowl

My puggle lives for food. I sometimes wonder if he was a chef in a past life. When it was time for a meal, he used to scarf his food down before I could even say, “Good boy.”

Eating dog food too quickly can cause bloating. I also think that because he wasn’t savoring every morsel, he would get restless and want to eat again.

Enter the slow feeder dog bowl. It is one of the best things I have found to help him slow down his eating while also providing some mental stimulation.

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

The other tactic I used to stimulate my puggle and slow his eating is the Kong wobbler toy, which we affectionately call, the “weeble wobble.”

The dog has to paw or nose the wobbler for a piece of food to come out. My puggle is great at it, while my bully remains confused by it.

confused dog looks at kong wobbler toy

At the very least, the wobbler toy will provide hours of entertainment for both you and your dog. Sometimes we will use it for treats, and sometimes we will put his whole portion in it.

Dog DNA Test

We received the Embark Dog DNA test as a Christmas present, and we loved getting confirmation as to what our dogs are.

This was important to me because, at first glance, one of my dogs is perceived as a “pit bull.” Even though he is my sweetest baby, I wanted to find out exactly what type of bully he was so I could help fight the stigma that surrounds dogs that look like him.

Was he a mix? Was he a Staffordshire Bull Terrier? An American Bull Terrier? He took a DNA test, turns out he’s 100% that American Bully.

Not only were we able to find out his breed, but we were able to find his siblings and connect with other dog owner’s whose pups were in his family tree.

If you are interested in learning about the history of pit bulls, I highly recommend the book Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon by Bronwen Dickey.

Toddler Bed for Large Dogs

Ok, this is one of my best recommendations that I discovered on accident.

My nephew visited with us for winter, so we bought him a toddler bed. When he went back home, we were like… what are we going to do with it?

Turns out it is the perfect size for my bully. When he’s not outside in his Coolaroo, he’s in the toddler bed at the foot of our bed.

Since getting on and off the human bed can be difficult on his joints, he uses the toddler bed as a step stool.

It may be an initial investment, but most decent dog beds are around the same price. I don’t even want to try to think about all of the dog beds I have bought over the years.

For the Doggy Grandparents

And of course, let’s not forget our favorite dog sitters, the dog grandparents.

My parents rock their, “I Love My Granddogs,” car magnet. These are great to give as a, “thank you for watching my pups and undoing all of the training,” gift after a weekend away.

What Are Your Favorite Amazon Finds for Dog Parents?

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

me and my dogs sitting on the coolaroo
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    Your furbabies are adorable. I can certainly understand why you want only the best for them. Thanks for sharing product recommendations. Very good information! Love all the pictures. Glad to see you have made good use of your nephews bed. Looks like one of your furbabies is very comfy in it!

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