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How to DIY Table Numbers for Your Wedding

natural elegant diy wedding table numbers

Table numbers help your guests find their seat. They are a small, yet important detail that can be used to incorporate your wedding’s theme.

I created my woodland lantern centerpieces before I made my table numbers. I knew the centerpieces would be the feature of the table, and that the table numbers would need to complement the centerpiece, not detract from it.

My wedding theme was elegant woodland fairy garden, and I used natural greens, blues, and rose gold for my color palette. Since my doilies were rose gold, I decided the table numbers would be blue.

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What You Will Need

hand painted chip board table numbers
folk art metallic blue ice paint

How to Make Your Table Numbers

diy painted wedding table number
  1. Paint your chip board table numbers. You may need more than one coat to achieve desired color.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Once the paint is dry, glue the numbers onto the wood pieces. Hold until dry.
  4. Once the table numbers are securely fastened to the wood, add adornments.

Yes, That Easy

These table numbers are easy, elegant, and cheap.

diy wedding table number next to diy lantern centerpiece
Testing the look of the table number with my centerpiece.

It is so easy to over complicate things in the wedding or event planning process, but table numbers should not be a cause for complication. There will be plenty of that when it comes to figuring out the seating chart…

What Did You Do?

Tell me about your table number tips and tricks in the comments.

Thanks for reading, Jenna. @DigitalMolt

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