DIY vintage wedding invitations

How to DIY Cheap Wedding Invitations

I saved a lot of money with my DIY wedding invitations, and I will show you how you can too.

Invitations are an important part of the wedding planning process. They are a good way to introduce your guests to the tone and vibe of your big day.

diy cheap wedding invitations

How Much I Spent

I will save you the scrolling, the searching, and the skimming. You are here for a reason, and that is to find out how I saved money on my wedding invitations by DIYing them. 

So let me cut to the chase: for the invitations themselves I spent:


diy wedding invitation supplies
My DIY Wedding Invitation Supplies

Why I DIYed

Despite hours spent on Pinterest pouring over the most incredible design suites, it was not in the cards for us to spend hundreds of dollars on our invitations. As our wedding planning evolved, I found myself adopting the mantra that I couldn’t justify investing money in disposable things.

While we like to think of our invitations as heirlooms, most of our guests won’t feel the same way. Best case scenario, they’ll be tucked away in a drawer and thrown away in a few years… most realistic scenario, they will be responded to and then “archived”… in the garbage. 

So, I gave myself the DIY challenge of making my invitations as inexpensive as possible, while also attempting to not forsake the elegance and vintage charm vibe I envisioned for the wedding.

Figuring Out the DIY Wedding Invitation Design

The Text

After a lot of research, I knew I wanted to find a typography-focused design template that I could print at home.

Choosing a black-colored text design makes it easier to print at home, because you really only need black ink. It can easily become expensive, complicated, and usually disappointing if you try to print a multi-colored design on your home printer.

Affordable DIY Templates on Etsy

With the invitations being simple, I knew the paper needed to be decorative.

For the paper, I got lucky and found gorgeous cardstock at Tuesday Morning. Their craft aisle is one of the best out there.  When I found this pack, I had an aha moment. Not all of the invitations needed to look the same. The different looks actually added to the charm of my invitation suite.

I matched the backs of the invitations to the backs of the invitation response cards.

my diy wedding invitation
Typographical invitation front
details card tied with ribbon to invitation
Details card attached with beautiful ribbon

We asked for people to RSVP online through our wedding website on the Knot, which saved money on the invitation suite and on postage since we didn’t have to include response cards or envelopes.

Delicate ribbon with leaves to keep the invitation and the instructions card together. The ribbon also introduced one of our wedding elements – nature – to our guests. 

beautiful cardstock paper designs with vintage vibes
All of the beautiful paper designs in the pack I bought

Where to Look for Cheap Cardstock or Scrapbook Paper

  • Craft Stores
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Sometimes Home Goods or TJ Maxx will have craft items in their home office section.
work in progress diy wedding invitations
Work-in-progress on my DIY wedding invitations

Tips for DIYing Cheap Wedding Invitations

  • If you buy an invitation template online to print-at-home, make sure you look at the printing dimensions so you can buy the correct sized cardstock.
    • Some designs might print two designs on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper instead of printing a singular 4 inch by 6 inch or a 5 inch by 7 inch design. 
  • Stick to a dark-colored, typography based design if you are going to print-at-home. (Use search terms like “calligraphy” and “minimalist.”)
  • Not all of your invitations need to look the same.
  • Add in a decorative element like ribbon or twine. 
  • Encourage people to RSVP online.

Invitations can really set the tone of your wedding and play into guest expectations. I think invitations are a good opportunity to introduce your theme, and set the tone of the level of formality you plan to have at your event.

Did you DIY your wedding invitations?

Let me know in the comments what you have done or how you have saved money on your wedding invitation suite.

Thanks for reading the Digital Molt Blog, Jenna. @DigitalMolt

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